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Faculty Directory

Name Position Phone
Adams, Pam Music 765-464-3212
Arehart, Paige 1st Grade 765-464-3212
Beckefeld, Michelle Kindergarten 765-464-3212
Benhart, Jeaneen EL 765-464-3212
Brantley, Dave 3rd Grade 765-464-3212
Carroll, Brianne Media Center 765-464-3212
Cuttell, Amanda Kindergarten 765-464-3212
Dale, Hilary Kindergarten 765-464-3212
Deutsch, Denise Kindergarten 765-464-3212
Follis, Kris 3rd Grade 765-464-3212
Fry, Chauncey 2nd Grade 765-464-3212
Gibbs-Westbrook, Mary Dixon 1st Grade 765-464-3212
Gretencord, Teresa Reading 765-464-3212
Grimes, Renae Math Intervention 765-464-3212
Holler, Ann Marie 1st Grade 765-464-3212
Kriebel, Ann 3rd Grade 765-464-3212
Kronander, Michelle 2nd Grade 765-464-3212
Lancaster, Kim Reading 765-464-3212
Martin, Kelsey Kindergarten 765-464-3212
Mathewson, Angela 1st Grade 765-464-3212
Meister, Hollie 1st Grade 765-464-3212
Nycz, Cindy PE 765-464-3212
Otte, Kassi 1st Grade 765-464-3212
Oxender, Michelle 1st Grade 765-464-3212
Parker, Kathy EL 765-464-3212
Peters, Gina 2nd Grade 765-464-3212
Pfeiffer, Aubrey 2nd Grade 765-464-3212
Polk, Melissa Music 765-464-3212
Reed, Whitney Resource Room 765-464-3212
Rippy, Whitney 3rd Grade 765-464-3212
Roseman, Rick PE 765-464-3212
Smith, Shaunestte 2nd Grade 765-464-3212
Spurlock, Nicole 2nd Grade 765-464-3212
Stahl, Gabe 3rd Grade 765-464-3212
Stout, Hali 1st Grade 765-464-3212
Touloukian, Sandy Kindergarten 765-464-3212
Van Dyke, Dianna Resource Room 765-464-3212
Vought, Megan 2nd Grade 765-464-3212
Warner, Joe 2nd Grade 765-464-3212
Wayman, Mikaela 1st Grade 765-464-3212
Webb, Alison Kindergarten 765-464-3212
Wilson, Katie Art 765-464-3212
Withers, Brandy 1st Grade 765-464-3212
Wolf, Kathy 3rd Grade 765-464-3212
Wood, Jennifer 3rd Grade 765-464-3212
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